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High Speed Textile Tubes
High Strength Paper Cores
Composite Containers
Fibre Deums
Speciality Packaging
About Us

Sharda Paper Products Private Limited one of the oldest players in the spirally wound paper products segment in India. Since incorporation the company has been growing in many ways.

Our quality standards have been consistently improved and have brought about lasting trends and impacts in the Indian scenario. It is only fair to say that the only thing constant at Sharda has been CHANGE. The managements quality oriented and customer focused approach has driven them into constantly improving systems and quality standards and hence delivering better products every day.

At Sharda we believe in delivering packaging solutions enabling our customers to spend their valuable time on other activities. Sharda’s commitment to quality and service is far beyond the industry standards. Each and every product coming out of our factories is tested and then dispatched hence ensuring premium quality.

There is a popular saying in the industry that says "Once you work with Sharda, you do not want to work with anyone else."

The product ranges that Sharda deals in include the following:

  • High Speed Textile Tubes
  • Paper Cores
  • Composite Cans
  • Fibre Drums
  • Speciality Packaging

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